Why people get offended about religion and politics

Why people get offended about religion and politics

Let's face it. Religion and politics are touchy subjects for most people. We all have our views that are usually based on personal experiences or that which we develop from our environment (family, friends, news, etc.). And when someone believes in something that doesn't resonate with us, we tend to disprove or disqualify them...instead of asking ourselves why we believe what we do. The most amazing thing about the United States - and other free countries - is that we have the right to choose our religion or vote for whomever we think will do the best job. So why do we get offended so easily? One reason is that there's a spirit of offense that magnifies things worse than they really are. That's a topic for a entirely separate blog post but I at least wanted to mention it because believers don't realize that they can be operating under a spirit of offense. Non-believers are definitely operating under that spirit, along with a myriad of others.

Regardless of what people believe or who they vote for, I strongly want to keep our rights in tact and will vote for those who will fight for it. I like to know what's going on, and I try to get it from several sources if possible. For example, most people don't realize that AT&T's DirectTV cut OAN and NewsMax from millions of homes...for no reason. Except that their views don't line up with those news stations. Like I said, people should have the right to choose what they watch or listen to, instead of being lead down a one-way road. It's just one step closer to socialism.

Our society has been on a downward spiral to try and take that freedom from us. I saw firsthand when the pandemic hit, the government was telling churches, including the one I attended, so stop having services. Perhaps you thought that was the best and safest thing to do. For some high-risk people, I would have encouraged that. But being told what to do without solid evidence did not sit well with me. And churches were threatened that they would get heavily fined for disobeying. You know what happened? Even though our church didn't have any butts in the pews for months, our worship team (I played bass guitar) came and recorded for every Sunday and Wednesday online service. In that "social distancing" time, our YouTube subscribers grew from 2,500 to 80,000! Now it's over 100k.

Although things may seem bad, light will always dispel the darkness. And God is raising up leaders in the church and in politics to fight for our nation, which was founded on Christianity and is the reason why we are so prosperous. It's time to repent for turning away and taking God out of our schools, out of our media, and overcome the cancel culture that is sweeping our nation. And you know what else is sweeping the nation...revival. A billion soul harvest is breaking out...so get ready, churches, to welcome many new believers into your doors!

To God be the glory!

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