Does freedom of speech still exist in America?

Does freedom of speech still exist in America?

That question is highly debatable. For my quick answer, scroll down to the second to last paragraph that is underlined. Ever since Donald Trump became president, it has become blatantly obvious that this freedom of ours is in great jeopardy. Perhaps it was in jeopardy before DJT was in office, but I just didn't realize it. There's definitely a "push" to try and divide our country. Every article you see on mainstream media is about a white person harassing or attacking a black person...or how anyone who supports Trump is labeled as a white supremacist and a "threat to our democracy". I'd like to point out that even Fox News recognizes the value that Donald brought to the USA (because they are no longer pro-Trump).

trump vs biden economy

If Trump is such a threat, then why did America flourish under his administration? Not only did Biden put a stop to building the wall on our southern border as soon as he took office, but now he's also selling it off! All the while, millions of illegal immigrants are pouring into our country. If you didn't realize this, then you're watching the wrong news channels. And we're not just talking about innocent women and children coming in...most of them are able-bodied men from Communist China and other terrorist-driven countries. That should be a HUGE concern for everyone. Remember that Chinese balloon that flew over our entire country? Hmmm...they are not only observing us, but now they can easily come in whenever they want. And don't forget the terrible pullout from Afghanistan that was one of the biggest mistakes the Biden administration was responsible for. Nobody talks about that on CNN...

illegal Chinese migrants entering through southern border USA

The partial news clips that are shown are usually just the ones that make the white people look like brutal savages or extreme racists. If you spend a few more minutes researching to find the entire clip of the footage, it will give you a much better picture of what actually happened. Don't get me wrong, there are extreme bad people on both sides of the political coin. But the majority of Trump supporters are law-abiding, God-believing citizens that:

  1. Want to see America thrive like before
  2. Can see through the nonsense taking place, and
  3. Know we're worse off as a country under the current administration

If you're having a difficult time finding the entire clip of a certain topic, check out Newsmax. In my opinion, they're the best at trying to give viewers the full scope of stories.  They point out truths and concerns that no other news channel does. It's a shame that major cable companies have been removing Newsmax from many cities (which should make anyone question the reasoning behind that). That is because these woke companies don't want outlets such as Newsmax to be able to exercise their freedom of speech. Scary, huh? And Newsmax has been growing its customer base like wildfire while the other mainstream channels are plummeting faster than a shot down China balloon (which should have been downed as soon as it entered our air space). If Newsmax is not in your area, download their app. It's free.

For instance, the death of George Floyd was extremely misfortunate. But most people didn't realize that he was on fentanyl and was resisting arrest. Not a good combination, and those two factors contributed to his death. If it was a black cop that "killed" George than it wouldn't have made such a ruckus. All cops are trained to use physical force with anyone posing to be a threat. That white cop didn't use the best tactics of restraint, and should be held accountable for his actions. But it should have never turned into a race issue with riots, looting, destruction, and protesting all across America. And don't get me started on BLM.... they are fueling the fire for most of this nonsense (while stuffing their pockets with all of the millions of dollars in donations). I'll save that topic for another post.

The recent river brawl in Montgomery Alabama is another example of how the full story isn't revealed to make it seem more one-sided than it really was. The fight wasn't initially about race, but since several white guys attacked one black quickly turned into a race fight. There were a lot of "wrongs" in that entire situation, and those white guys were in the wrong for beating up on one guy like that (regardless of his skin color). But if you watch the entire clip, you'll see how one of the main white guys takes a swing at another white kid in a vest who was standing alongside the main black guy in support. That was totally white on white. After that, it took a nasty turn. People tried breaking up the fight and got messed up. One white lady was observing, and when she went to help diffuse the fight, she was badly beaten by a few black women and then hit on the head with a chair by a black guy while she was still sitting on the ground trying to recover from her first beating. That white lady was not a threat to anyone, yet you'd think she started the entire fight by the way she was brutally attacked.

Woman hit on head by folding chair at Montgomery Alabama river brawl
To me, all of this "race inequality" that is being pushed on us is giving those who believe it more opportunities to act on it. And that's exactly what happened on that river. That chair swinging African American male got released almost immediately while our former president is being indicted for absolutely ridiculous reasons and is being treated like a criminal on death row. No president in history has been treated as badly as President Trump, and every citizen should question how this is even possible in our country. If you're not questioning it, then you are being duped. If you don't agree with me on that, that's your problem. And quite frankly, you're part of the problem. Trump tried to use his freedom of speech to question the election process, and he is unrightfully paying the price for it. By the way, the left LOVED Trump before he ran for office. Now they are trying every way possible to get him out of the presidential race and behind bars. And they've also tried to discredit and tarnish the reputation of those who support him. I don't love Trump's personality or tweets, but I'll take him over anyone else, hands down. He can't be persuaded or compromised like all of the other politicians out there, and that's why he has my vote.

And then you have the NYC art gallery owner, Jahangir Turan, who was beaten up by 15-18 kids for wearing a MAGA hat. He has a right to support whoever he wants in the next presidential campaign. That's how a democracy should work. Jahangir wasn't causing any trouble to anyone but was singled out because his political belief didn't line up with those young punks that walked past him.

art gallery owner attacked for wearing MAGA hat

Why wasn't this fight on every news channel? Because it didn't fit the narrative that the left wants to push. What if Jahangir was a white guy who defended himself and killed one of those thugs? Then we would be hearing about the "crazy white MAGA supporter" who viciously murdered a Democrat in broad daylight from every possible news outlet (except Newsmax).

The bottom line is that the woke left have infiltrated and currently control the 7 pillars of society (media, entertainment, education, family, religion, business, government) and are only focused on topics and angles that help push their agenda, while suppressing the other outlets or individuals from using their freedom of speech rights. And if a company or individual expresses any contradictory opinions against the Left, then those companies or individuals are targeted and taken down.

People shouldn't be worried to promote their beliefs whether it is political or religious. I want to encourage it with my clothing line; however, I don't want my customers to feel scared to wear what they believe. We need to use caution since we're witnessing how bad and evil it is becoming in our world. Christians have been persecuted since Jesus died on Calvary, and that is still going on today (Canada is one of the persecutors now). I will continue to express my freedom of speech through my posts and clothing designs. I sure hope I'm able to continue to do so...or else this country and world is in greater danger than we could have ever imagined. IN GOD WE TRUST, and we Christians know that things will get better. But we need to stand up for our God-given rights as Americans and not be lukewarm on these controversial topics. 


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